Another Scottie Dog!

I don’t see a Scottie dog pattern in years, and now they haunt me. I found this one on goodwill for crying out loud! Its cute though..

Scotty dog 

Alas, my little dog looks terrible compared to these ones, so I am going to redo it. 

Woo! That makes me feel better to make a decision..

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The Scott Dog (cont)

It really bothers me that I made the Scottie Dog wrong. I see it every time I go into the bathroom. I have to decide whether FORM supersedes FUNCTION in this case. It was made as a doorstop which it does admirably.


Should I redo it so it looks better, or leave it since it serves it function?  Decisions, decisions…

I have a quilt retreat in 2 weeks and I may redo it then. Need to ponder this some more.

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My Precious

My title bar is a nod at Lord of the Rings, one of the best books (and movies!) ever written.

Anyhoo, I digress… If you know me, you knows I do not like knick knacks or other cluttery  in my house. Not that I don’t have any, I just have enough, thank-you very much.

But I was garage saleing this past weekend and found My Favourite Thing. The glass thingie if perfect.


I paid 15 bucks for this. No haggling, no arguing, no nothing. My husband was flabbergasted that I paid this much.

He absolutely hates it. But said that if it made me happy, he would ignore it. Since it sits on our dining room table, that’s love.

And it makes me smile whenever I see it.


What’s your favourite thing?

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The Silly Scotty Dog

A few weeks ago I saw this cute Scottie dog pattern on the Craftzine site and I had to make one. I had just greased my bathroom door and it started closing on its own. I hate that! So Scottie dog/door stop to the rescue.

This is the Scottie from the pattern.


And here is the one I made.


There is something really, really creepy about that eye. Or the bubble thing at its throat. Oh! I just compared the pictures and realize the original has a dog collar on. I have a collar I will try. Be right back!

When I was in Nova Scotia in May, I bought this collar for my dog Ripley but it was too wide for her little neck and it was uncomfortable. So the door stop gets the 20 dollar collar. I also moved his eye down. Looks a lot better now I think!


There is some weight in this baby since I dropped a dew rocks into its legs before stuffing. I bet it weighs 5 pounds now.

Done and its back in place!



My Lettuce Trees

Last year we had a really hot July and then it rained and was freezing cold in August. My lettuce suffered by getting very bitter in early August, so I just let it go until it was time to clean up the whole thing.

Isn’t this pretty?  LOL


And my very first garden—look at how few and how little my carrots were! This was my entire crop.


But look at it this year! This was the last week of July. Not a bad start.


These were taken today. WOO HOO!!! Look at the size of the radish. Everything is so good and I am enjoying the fruit of my labour. Just don’t look to closely at the weeds.  🙂

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My Craft Room-Table

Recently I messed up the top of my work table that my husband made me several years ago. It was custom made for my height, with all the cubby holes built to hold my books on 3 sides and bolts of fabric on the last side. The top had a huge bubble in the middle and it was so annoying. So I sweet talked the hubby to resurface it.

DSC00373     DSC00374   DSC00375



Voila! A smooth surface to work on. Good as new.  Thanks Mookie.  🙂

And this is what is usually looks like. LOL


Actually, this was a ‘haul’ of supplies I got from a friend who was getting out of surface dyeing and stamping and painting.


August Long Week-End

Last week-end was fabulous and hot here in the Yukon and hubby, the dog and I went to Fox Lake and spend some time boating.


We had SUCH a good time. And it was SO HOT!



STA52972 I got burned so badly, but it was worth it. Notice Ripley has to wear her life preserver when we are on the water which she hates and loathes.

Mike did not get any fish, but he did do some chil-axing.



Some Things I Like

I was cruising around my favourite blogs and came across this very cool thing– recycled blue jeans!


I love to use Google Reader to read all of my blogs. I have mentioned it before, and it still is my preferred way to quickly weed through my favourites.

I also use Windows Live Writer to write up my blog posts. I LOVE it very much.. Here is a better link to see what Live Writer can do. Nice stuff if you want an easy writer..

Anyway, I digress… Another thing I have recently found is Kit Vincent’s blog. She is a fellow Canadian who is an accomplished dyer and art quilter. I think I will ask her how she makes her outdoor steamer as it looks like something I could use. (I hope she doesn’t mind that I am showing her steamer here). It is just so coo!


I also learned of a new technique, tray dyeing, from Simply Robin. I LOVE it! Unfortunately I could only try it once because after last week-end, the temperature here in the Yukon has dipped to around 12 degrees and it has rained every day. I guess summer is over and it back to dyeing in the house. Oh well.

Speaking of which, here are a few of the pieced I have dyed while on holidays..

And I also did a few cotton shirts that I will use to keep warm this winter. They are heavy cotton shirts that are super roomy.

Here is my setup for dyeing in the summer. I am pretty lucky AND I spread out over the yard. I am not a clean or organized dyer.  🙂

STA52942STA52943 - Copy STA52957

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Long arm (cont)


It was so much fun working on the first quilt that I did this lap quilt a few days later. I am getting into a rhythm and now really REALLY want one. But I know this is a want and not a need, so……



I loved this fabric and didnt want to cut it up, so it is a long piece WOF with a wide red border. It will be bright and warm for couch loafing.

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Long Arm Quilting

Today I was very lucky to have a lesson with Ruth, the owner of Bear’s Paw Quilts, on her new Tin Lizzy long arm machine. After she spent a couple of hours giving me a private lesson, I was on a roll.


quilt back

Here is the back of quilt showing the quilting I did. Nothing fancy, but this was my first time seeing a long arm, let alone trying one. Pretty easy, actually..


Quilt front

This quilt is almost square, about 91 x 91”. It is just a utility quilt I made when I was learning to quilt is 1999, so it will be for lounging on the couch or the boat or something.

Long arm quilting reminds me of painting a room—you spend most of your time setting up, then 10 minutes actually painting. In this case, I actually did do each pass in 10 minutes or less, and about 3 hours for the lesson, initial pining on the leaders, practice and quilting.

I scheduled this Friday to do another quilt and I will post how long it took me to do that one.