December Projects

This month I was very busy making some Christmas goodies for family.

For my sister-in-law Karen:




At the last possible moment my local quilt shop owner put out a desperate call for a table runner for a competition that she had not promoted very well. I had 2 evenings and managed to come up with this. The theme was ‘stars’ in some way. When I can find a picture, I’ll show it. Oh yah—I came in second and won a free class! Since I teach at the quilt shop, this was a funny “win” for me.

For Christmas every year I make these Chocolate Mice from this recipe. I usually let the cherries soak in rum for a few days to give it a more grown up taste.



I also made a birthday cake for a friend who has a Christmas day birthday.





And we have a new addition to our family—Fudge—who is 14 years old. He was my mom’s dog and acts like a much younger dog. The doggies are sporting their Christmas eye colours—I didn’t doctor these pictures in any way. Just kind of cute…

                                                   STA53186                            STA53188


On another funny note, since I had turkey elsewhere, I missed not having leftovers, so I bought a turkey today and started it at 3pm. This means it will be ready around 10pm. I think I will be a little bit hungry by then.  lol


About Dahn

Quilter, eater, dog lover. But not in that order.
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2 Responses to December Projects

  1. Janet says:

    Fudge is a cutie!! And I love how the dogteam table runner turned out.

  2. dahn98 says:

    Thanks Janet! Fudge is an old guy, but he is a cutie.

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