Great Ironing Table

I was visiting Kay Koeper Sorensen blog today and was  interested in seeing the ironing system she made.

I LOVE it! When I look at it, I see that the legs fold in and maybe even tilts up to lean against the wall? That is a great idea, and I will be looking at how to make one of these. I currently have one that fits on my large table and I can lay out a 42″ wide piece of fabric, but then I have to put the iron on the floor to take advantage of every inch of the ironing space.I like that Kay’s table is wide enough to have an iron sit beside the fabric.

And from here something that made me laugh but has nothing to do with the ironing board. LOL

It is just so silly! (and Heather has a great blog)..


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One Response to Great Ironing Table

  1. Betty-Anne Purdy says:

    This donkey with the blanket made me laugh out loud. I’ll be laughing all day! What a classy ass:)

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